Strophidon sathete, also known as the Slender Giant Moray or Gangetic Moray, is the longest known moray eel species, although not the largest by mass.

Distribution and Habitat Edit

S. sathete can be found in the Indo-Pacific region, along the East coast of Africa, the Red Sea as well as along southern and South-East Asian coastlines, right along into the West Pacific.

This species is normally associated with estuarine environments, and has been found in freshwater, brackish and marine water, most commonly in bays, estuaries and the lower courses of rivers. They live in muddy benthic environments.

Physical Description Edit

This moray posesses an extremely elongated, thin body that slightly tapers towards the tail end. Overall the body is a muddy brown colour, although the underside of the fish is slightly lighter.

Strophidon sathete' is known to grow up to lengths of 4 metres, and large specimens are quite occasionally landed by estuarine fishermen.