Pyura chilensis

Pyura chilensis aka The Living Rock or piure is a turnicate of the family Pyuridae. It was described by Juan Ignacio Molina in 1782 in his book "Saggio Sulla Storia Naturale del Chili". Molina was a Chilean abbot of the Jesuit order whose book described the life lived by the Chileans of the Chiloe Archipelago, in which it's mentioned the native's fondness for the Piure, which is considered a delicacy in Chili.

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Pyura chilensis resembles a mass of organs inside a rock. It is immoble, and feeds by filtering micro-organisms though it's covering. All Pyura chilensis begin as males, but become hermaphrodites upon reaching puberty. P. Chilensis reproduces by releasing a mixture of eggs, and sperm into surrounding waters. It's blood is clear, and contains the rare element known as Vanadium, which is typically a byproduct of uranium mining. Considered toxic, the biological function of Vanadium in the Pyura chilensis, and other species remains disputed.

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