Notothenia rossii marbled rockcod rock cod

Notothenia rossii aka the marbled rockcod is a commercially fished species inhabiting the waters of Antartica at depths of five to 350 meters. It was heavily fished by Soviet fishers in the 1960s and 1970s, with catches exceeding 100,000 tonnes in some seasons, almost disappearing from around South Georgia Island, and by 1980 was depleted throughout the Southern Ocean. [1]

Synonyms Edit

  • Notothenia rossii rossii J. Richardson, 1844
  • Notothenia marmorata J. G. Fischer, 1885
  • Notothenia rossii marmorata J. G. Fischer, 1885
  • Notothenia coriiceps macquariensis Waite, 1916

Sources Edit

  1. Lighthouse Foundation: Foundation for the Seas and Oceans, retrieved July 23, 2013

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