Dolabella auricularia wedge sea hare donsol

Dolabella auricularia aka the wedge sea hare, or donsol in the Philippines is a species of sea slug that grows to be about 40 cm. It can be recognized by a flattened disk on the posterior surface of the animal. This species can be found with soft pustules, leading to a rather knob-like appearance. It has a short, blunt head. Its body is covered with tubercles and skin flaps. The inner shell has a typical earlike form. It gives off purple ink when disturbed. The Dolabella auricularia often hides in seagrass, sand, and mud where it feads on algae. Intertidal rocka pools are also a favored area of habitation.

Aquaria Edit

Keepers of large marine aquariums may keep the Dolabella auricularia in order to keep algal growth in check as sea hares feed on algea.

Medical use Edit

The anti-cancer agent monomethyll auristatin E can be harvested from the peptides of the Dolabella auricularia.

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