Sea monkeys Artemia NYOS brine shrimp

Artemia NYOS is a patented breed of of brine shrimp commercially sold as Sea-Monkeys. The breed is a hybridization of different Artemia. This breed undergos cryptobiosis or anhydrobiosis, a condition of apparent lifelessness which allows them to survive the desiccation of the temporary pools in which they live, and allows them to serve their purpose of "instant life" products.

History Edit

"I think I bought something like 3.2 million pages of comic book advertising a year. It worked beautifully." - Harold von Braunhut

Following the sucess of Milton Levine's Ant farms one Harold von Braunhut invented a brine-shrimp-based product in 1957 which he called "Instant Life" however in 1962 he rebranded his product as "Sea-Monkeys" due to the supposed resemblance of their tails to that of monkeys, and their salt0water habitat. This set in motion a rather intense marketing campaign feature comics with humanoid animals that in no way resemble brine shrimp, and even lead to an animated TV series in 1992.

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-establishing a colony-

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