Clown fish

Amphiprion ocellaris aka the Common Clownfish, Ocellaris Clownfish, or the False percula clownfish is the most common member of the Amphiprioninae family which forms symbiotic relationships with Sea Anemone. the Common Clownfish keeps the Anemone clean of parasites, attracts prey for the Anemone to feed on, and protects it from reef fish that may seek to feed on the creatures tentacles. In return the Anemone provides the Common Clownfish with shelter, acting as a nest for mated pairs, and their young.

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The speices was named Amphiprion ocellaris by Cuvier in 1830, however that same year he had also refered to them as Amphiprion melanurus in Cuvier and Valenciennes. This was the same work the Ocellaris name appeared in with Amphiprion ocellaris becoming the valid of the two. In 1873 one Castelnau named the speices Amphiprion bicolor though the earlier name of Amphiprion ocellaris remains the valid of these.

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